New Home and Decorating Ideas

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2 - exterior spanish style home white red tile roof cococozy(This is not our house, but similar in style etc. Can’t put too much on the internet!)

Yep, we bought a house and I couldn’t be more excited. It has been a very LONG process. We started looking seriously over a year ago and have put offers on 17 homes before this one! Absolutely crazy. I have to say though that when we finally got a well seasoned realtor that knows the area we were interested in, we really were able to learn and be competitive. There were so many homes that were bought with ALL cash, way over asking price and many counter offers and that can be a little intimidating. I learned so much and am so grateful to our realtor for sticking with us, teaching us along the way and being really helpful with pricing, etc.

We got the incredible news that our offer was accepted while we were in San Francisco which was fun but also nerve-racking. We couldn’t be there for the inspection but luckily my brother in law was able to step in and attend. He is very knowledgeable about houses, construction etc, so he was the best person we could ask and luckily he could spare an hour out of his busy day to be there for the inspection. Thanks Uncle Dan! Luckily, the inspection went well and we only had to negotiate one minor thing and so now we are in escrow.

As you can imagine, I am scouring websites for ideas on decorating and deals. I can’t wait to design everything myself with a little help from my sister who has incredible taste. I think if she was not so successful in what she is doing now, she would be super successful as a designer.

I am so not looking forward to moving. Luckily we sold or donated a lot of our old stuff so that we could buy new things for our house. As of right now, Harper is the only one with a place to sleep. She is using Chace’s old crib and Chace is sleeping on my old bed from my parent’s house. It’s time for us to get new bedroom sets so that is what is first on my agenda. Any ideas?

Right now, this is what I am going for in the master bedroom. Our room is MUCH smaller so it will be not quite as extravagant. I love the colors, tone and luckily I think this can be scaled down and I can do something similar.

Traditional Bedroom by Spring Architects & Designers Maison Market
We will see how it actually turns out!
This is our kitchen. I love it and it was recently remodeled so I won’t be doing anything in there!

I can’t wait to show before and after pictures of the rest of the house. So stay tuned….those will be appearing eventually as well.

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12 Comments on “New Home and Decorating Ideas”

  1. Congrats! Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  2. crispyindeed says:

    The kitchen is gorgeous! I have similar white countertops and very similar wood floors. You are moving fast!

  3. Congrats!! Your kitchen is amazing! Pinterest is your friend. You can get tons of ideas. Have fun and enjoy!

  4. newbloggycat says:

    What a beautiful new home! A little puppy running around the yard would be just perfect πŸ˜‰ You’re truly blessed with such a wonderful life!

  5. That kitchen is PERFECTION! I’d spend all day in there ;). Congrats on your new home πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I am pretty sure I will be in there a lot and since it’s so close and open to the family room, it will be easy to watch the kids while they play. Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

  6. bubblymel says:

    Congrats! That kitchen is gorgeous!!

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