School Started and Running Again

PicMonkey Collage Dear CIt’s been forever! I can’t believe that it is October already. Luckily, I love everything about Fall; the leaves changing, all the new flavors, special holidays an so much more. Just wish we had more Fall weather around here!

Thank you to all those who wrote and checked in on me…..I am fine, just busy! I am getting back to posting now that I have internet again. It was like I was living in the dark ages without it.

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Chace started school and while the first day was hard, he has adjusted well and loves it. We went from him crying the first day to him asking me to leave. It’s ben quite a change but I am so glad he is socializing, learning and getting used to school. I pick him up and he is singing a new song or explaining the trials and tribulations that 3 and 4 year olds face. Who took what train and what book was read are a really big deal at this age.

I probably should have cut his hair before school began, but time got away from me. I was able to get it cut before picture day though! Thank goodness!

Chace had to be potty trained to begin school and let me tell you, I was worried there for a second, but I managed to potty train him just in time. I have been on and off trying for a long time. I will write soon about what worked and what didn’t because for any parents out there, this may be helpful. I turned to trusty google to find out some sure fire ways to potty train a boy. Luckily it worked!

Harper and I have 4 hours just the two of us, each and every morning. It’s great. I get to spend quality time with her after her morning nap. I usually drop off Chace, then head over to the park and run for as long as I can or as long as Harper will let me. She loves the BOB jogging stroller and tends to fall asleep in it. I run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day now which is so nice. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

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I usually run to the store or do the errands that are hard to do with 2 kids in tow. Things like going to Trader Joe’s or Target are especially difficult now that Chace can voice his opinion or reach and grab things from the cart. I would much rather avoid the meltdowns when I say “No” to each and every desire while in those stores. With just Harper, I get in and out with what I need and usually a few extra things as well, much to Daddy’s dismay.

The house is coming along. I have finally unpacked mostly everything. Furniture has been ordered and will be coming next week. We have some things, but not all. I can’t wait until everything is in and we are truly settled. (Not sure that will ever happen, but a girl can hope, right!?)

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3 Comments on “School Started and Running Again”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    Welcome back. Figured you would be busy with a new home and all, on top of being a parent. I can only imagine. I love fall too. It’s just a shame that Chicago don’t really have transition season. It’s just random fall days mixed with summer days and then, bam! .. winter! lol … I’m sure you can recall.

    • Yes, can’t forget Chicago winters. I wouldn’t mind having one or two days of snow, but that just isn’t going to happen. I guess I will have to take a vacation to the mountains for some winter weather.

  2. boxgrl81 says:

    Fall is the best time of year!!! 🙂 My husband and I are going to start running alot more now that the weather is so much nicer!

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