Here’s to 2014

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With the new year here, I can’t help but write to you both on how blessed I feel to have you in my life. You can make my day with one smile, laugh or kiss. Furthermore, you can make me want to scream or hide (temporarily) with just one tantrum or cry. I am lucky to be your mom and often in those crazy moments I tend to forget that I’m the lucky one. It’s one sentence at night like “Mom, I love to cuddle,” that reminds me how lucky I am.
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I tend to get mad at the little things while constantly cleaning up spills and getting frustrated dressing you in the morning. I’m actively trying to slow down and stop overreacting so that I don’t miss out on special moments (like cuddling or random hugs) because you both are only 1 and 3 once.
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Recently, I was talking with one of Chace’s sweet teachers who has two grown children and she reminded me of just that. While you are young, I can’t wait for you to get to the next step (like walking for Harper). I keep wanting you to grow up. Then they grow up and you want them to be young again.
 While Chace has been off school for the past two weeks, I planned a lot of fun activities from baking Christmas cookies to play dates and special outings. I want to create memories for a lifetime, even if I’m the only one that will remember.  Can’t wait for another amazing year watching the two of you grow up! Stay tuned! 2013 year in review is coming soon!
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4 Comments on “Here’s to 2014”

  1. newbloggycat says:

    Happy new year to you and your lovely family :). May you always know love, peace and laughter *(^__^)*

  2. crispyindeed says:

    Your daughter looks so much bigger from the last posts. What a difference with just a few months. Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family. Hope you are enjoying your new home.

    • I know! She is growing up too fast and I am trying to update as often as I can. I’m hoping with the new year, I can post more often. It’s a goal of mine so we will have to see how I do! We are loving the new home and boy is it a process. We are still doing some work on it and I’m guessing that never ends. There is always something to do! Happy New Year to you too!

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