Workout Clothes Are My Life

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Before having both of you, I always told myself that I would never change who I am and what I do. Well, that was just plain crazy talk because it is pretty much impossible to not change when you welcome someone else into your world that you love more than yourself. You change in so many ways and change for the better, I might add.

7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant

When I had Chace, my life changed so much. I stopped working full time so I stopped having to get “ready” each day.  Honestly, I still worked out every day so I showered afterwards and I always put on makeup and did my hair. While I wasn’t dressed up, I did make an effort to get dressed because we went somewhere everyday. It could have been the park, the grocery store, baby and me classes or shopping. It didn’t matter. I hardly ever wore workout gear unless I was working out. Since I had the treadmill at home, it was usually just for the hour I was running and that was it.
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After having Harper, boy did things change. I was lucky to get to workout so the baby weight did not just fall off. I did lose some weight because my mom was gracious enough to watch the kids every morning while I went for a run. That only lasted 3 months because we moved into our new home and are too far from her now. Then Chace started school and I have 2 kids and myself to get ready before 7:45am every day. Workout gear is my wardrobe these days and it’s not just because it is comfy, it is also because I intend to workout after I drop Chace off at school. Well, that doesn’t always happen so I don’t always shower and I am rarely changing out of those workout clothes I put on in the early morning hours. I never thought I would be that mom, but I am. For the most part, I wear the workout clothes almost every day. I am not sure when I will get my next shower and frankly I don’t care. My kids come first and that is all that matters. My kids are bathed, clothed and well fed. I, on the other hand am not. HAHA!! I am okay with that.
Things have definitely changed for the better and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Dirty hair and workout clothes are my life and I love it!
I haven’t received a Stitch Fix box in awhile but luckily there is one coming soon! Can’t wait! Stay tuned to see what I get in my next fix.
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2 Comments on “Workout Clothes Are My Life”

  1. LOL, I just had to comment…I am sadly that Mom too and I agree– – planning to sneak in a work out or at least be comfortable running after toddler’s is just why wearing chic sweats is also my go to outfit!

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