Stitch Fix #5

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

photo 1

It arrived!

I love Stitch Fix but was unable to receive fixes for awhile and when I finally scheduled one, I couldn’t wait for that pretty little box to arrive at my doorstep. If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, you can read about it here, but basically it is a personal stylist that sends you 5 items specifically picked out for you right to your door. The size and style is based on a profile and it’s pretty spot on in my opinion. If you like what you see, and you click on the links and sign up, I get a referral credit. =) Thanks to those that have already done so!

photo 2

I opened it immediately and luckily both kids were napping so it was the perfect time to try on the 5 items and see what I liked and didn’t like.

This is what I got in my Fix #5:


These black pants are so comfortable! They are thicker than leggings but not as stiff as jeans. They fit perfectly and looked great on. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of black pants, right?

photo 1


I loved this blouse immediately. I like the silky feel, the shorter sleeves and the details are beautiful. I can dress it up or wear it casually. I have already worn this out to a fancy dinner and also to a low-key school event. Love that!

photo 1


This cut and style did not appeal to me at all. It was way too boxy and did not flatter any part of my body at all. It made my shoulders and arms look huge and that is not the look I am going for! It was returned.

photo 3


This color is beautiful for spring. It is a light-weight knit top that fits perfectly. I like the length for wearing with skinny jeans and can easily be worn with a skirt tied with a belt at the waist or simple shorts and sandals. This top is going to be great for the spring and summer.

photo 2


It is very cute but not something I would wear often because I am often carrying my daughter and it has too many details that she would pull on. It wasn’t a very good picture but you get the idea.

photo 3

I kept 2 items, the off white Eyelet Detail Blouse and the Yumi Bernie Pointelle Detail knit top. I loved the way they fit and looked with various items I had already. They will look great with shorts in warmer weather and skinny jeans in cooler temps. I already wore them both!

Sorry for the terrible pictures. I am working on how to show these better. I need a personal photographer! =)


While I loved the pants, I was debating whether or not to keep them because I have pair of skinny black pants. I ended up returning them, but regretted it a few days later. I emailed Stitch Fix and they agreed to try to include them in my next fix. I just loved the way they looked on and they were thicker than leggings which is a huge plus in my book. I had received so much positive feedback so I wanted them even more after that.

Hope you enjoyed peeking inside my latest Fix!

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5 Comments on “Stitch Fix #5”

  1. milehighhome says:

    What an awesome fix! Love that blouse. Mine was not so hot this month… but I’ll try again 🙂

  2. amandaoboe says:

    Looks like a great fix! I had good luck this go around as well- it really is a great company!

  3. workingmommawithababy says:

    You are tempting me to try this out! Also, from the looks of these pictures, your house is way too cute and clean for having 2 kids. Kudos to you!

    • Try it! It is so much fun and worth it to have even 1 new piece of clothing without having to go shopping. Thanks, but honestly the pictures are deceiving because that is the living room area that the kids don’t really go in. That’s why it looks like that!

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