Stitch Fix #5

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It arrived!

I love Stitch Fix but was unable to receive fixes for awhile and when I finally scheduled one, I couldn’t wait for that pretty little box to arrive at my doorstep. If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, you can read about it here, but basically it is a personal stylist that sends you 5 items specifically picked out for you right to your door. The size and style is based on a profile and it’s pretty spot on in my opinion. If you like what you see, and you click on the links and sign up, I get a referral credit. =) Thanks to those that have already done so!

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I opened it immediately and luckily both kids were napping so it was the perfect time to try on the 5 items and see what I liked and didn’t like.

This is what I got in my Fix #5:


These black pants are so comfortable! They are thicker than leggings but not as stiff as jeans. They fit perfectly and looked great on. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of black pants, right?

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I loved this blouse immediately. I like the silky feel, the shorter sleeves and the details are beautiful. I can dress it up or wear it casually. I have already worn this out to a fancy dinner and also to a low-key school event. Love that!

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This cut and style did not appeal to me at all. It was way too boxy and did not flatter any part of my body at all. It made my shoulders and arms look huge and that is not the look I am going for! It was returned.

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This color is beautiful for spring. It is a light-weight knit top that fits perfectly. I like the length for wearing with skinny jeans and can easily be worn with a skirt tied with a belt at the waist or simple shorts and sandals. This top is going to be great for the spring and summer.

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It is very cute but not something I would wear often because I am often carrying my daughter and it has too many details that she would pull on. It wasn’t a very good picture but you get the idea.

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I kept 2 items, the off white Eyelet Detail Blouse and the Yumi Bernie Pointelle Detail knit top. I loved the way they fit and looked with various items I had already. They will look great with shorts in warmer weather and skinny jeans in cooler temps. I already wore them both!

Sorry for the terrible pictures. I am working on how to show these better. I need a personal photographer! =)


While I loved the pants, I was debating whether or not to keep them because I have pair of skinny black pants. I ended up returning them, but regretted it a few days later. I emailed Stitch Fix and they agreed to try to include them in my next fix. I just loved the way they looked on and they were thicker than leggings which is a huge plus in my book. I had received so much positive feedback so I wanted them even more after that.

Hope you enjoyed peeking inside my latest Fix!

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Stitch Fix #2

Dear Chace & Harper,

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As you know, I love to shop but since it is next to impossible to go to my favorite stores and malls with both of you in tow, I have found the next best thing! Stitch Fix is a personal stylist that is all done online and the 5 items that are hand selected for me are sent to my door every month. I love it! I have a personal stylist that knows what I like and my size and budget preferences.


This fix was perfect and I loved everything! I ended up keeping all 5 items and so excited to wear each one soon!

1. Silk Scarf – Perfect for spring. I love the colors and the fabric and most of all, I love scarves. I usually wear them when I go out because they are so versatile. They can cover up spills or just dress up a basic tee.


2. Aqua Tank – I love the style and color, but was worried it was too big. After pairing it with a Off-white blazer and jeans, it fit perfect.


3. Blue Maxi Dress – I specifically requested a maxi dress when I scheduled this fix and they definitely came through. Only problem was that it looked too big, but after I tried it on, it fit well.  I like how it was one color and something simple added to it would make this outfit really standout.


4. Striped Tie Dress – At first I didn’t think I would like this dress because usually dresses are tight in the middle or are too short. This one was neither and looked cute with a denim jacket and cute heels or flats. Loved it!


5. Plaid Button Up Shirt – This was a great length and fit. I love the colors because they are perfect for spring and summer. This was a must keep!


I love that they include a tag that shows examples of how to wear the item with staples that you have in your current wardrobe. It definitely helps me put together different outfits with just one item. If I were to keep the 5 items, I would get a 25% discount, and luckily, I was able to take advantage of that this time. It was all fairly affordable and within my budget which is wonderful. I love that I have new items to wear especially with a birthday party to go to this weekend. I don’t have to rush out and shop for something new. With two kids, going to the store and trying things on is just too hard and stressful on my own so this is the perfect solution for me. I have even converted my Mom and sister to be Stitch Fix clients too!



Stitch Fix #1

Dear Chace & Harper,

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Before becoming your mom, I always thought to myself I would never go a day without having my hair done, makeup on and dressed well. Clearly I was delusional because that is basically impossible and I am so happy to say that I am not upset about it one bit. My thinking has evolved. While I definitely put on makeup and dress casually but put together to go out of the house, I am certainly not opposed to wearing workout clothes or yoga pants and going makeup free all day. Now that I am a mom, I shop much less for myself and tend to spend more time on buying you clothes and shoes because you tend to grow out of things quickly and with seasons changing, new clothes are always needed. (Luckily, Aunty has passed down all of Kiley and Kaelyn’s clothes so Harper is the best dressed little girl I know).

Since I don’t shop for myself as often as I would like, I took advantage of a great company called Stitch Fix. They send me clothes based on my size, style and price preference. For example, I don’t need work clothes since I stay at home with you, so I asked my stylist for casual clothes whereas someone else might need office attire, so they could request that in their fix. After waiting a few weeks, I finally received my first “fix”. I received 5 items and if I choose to keep all 5 they discount the price by 25%. Otherwise, I can keep any number of items and then pay for them based on their price tag. It’s that simple. Someone buys the clothes for me and then it appears at my door with examples of how to wear each piece and accessorize each outfit. I love it! It’s like having my own personal stylist without the hefty price tag. I paid $20 to start the first fix and that $20 is deducted from the amount of anything I purchase.

Now on to the goods! As I said, I received 5 items:

1. A burgandy infinity scarf

2. A colorblock 3/4 sleeve cardigan

3. A black jersey knit top

4. A blue polka dot blouse

5. A white sleeveless knit sweater

I wish I would have taken pictures of them on, but I was so excited, I forgot and packed up the items to return in the pre-paid packaging before snapping them.

I loved everything they sent, and couldn’t wait to try it all on. After having a mini fashion show for Harper (Chace, you were napping), I decided to keep the cardigan and contemplated keeping the blouse too but just couldn’t justify the price this time. While I loved everything, they did not all fit well and the scarf was pretty but I already have a similar one so I didn’t need to keep this one.

Checking out was so easy. Just logged in online and filled out a few details about the things I sent back and the cardigan I kept. I even set up my next fix. I specified some things I was looking for to add to my spring wardrobe, so hopefully they will be able to put some great pieces together for me. Looking forward to my next fix!