It Has Been Awhile

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Life has gotten pretty busy and the one thing that I let slip was these letters to both of you, highlighting our memories and random daily activities. We’ve been busy these past few months to say the least.

Chace started Pre-kindergarten and is loving it. Most of the class has returned so he is settling back in just fine.

photo 3

After summer school ended, we took a nice road trip to San Francisco and then Lake Tahoe and while I was nervous that you two would hate the long hours spent in the car, you actually both did really well. We managed just fine and had a fantastic time in both places.




We hiked, climbed rocks, played mini golf, skipped rocks at the lake and overall had a blast as a family.



Harper has been busy while Chace is at school. She is counting to 5, drawing every moment she possibly can and is basically running my day. She is going through the terrible two’s at the moment and that makes it hard to get the things done that I want to do. Previously I would workout after dropping Chace off at school and then go and run errands. Well, after a few too many tantrums in Trader Joe’s and at the bank, I realized that she does better when I run errands first, and then workout. It all has been an adjustment. She is down to just one nap a day and while I would love for her to sleep until she wakes up, some days we have to go and get Chace from school so her nap is sadly interrupted. Luckily, she has been a good sport about it. She knows that going to get Chace at school means more play time with the big kids on the playground.

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It’s fall and one of my favorite times of year. Pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes, apple picking, butter pecan lattes from Coffee Bean, scarf and boot season(yes, even in California I wear these fall favorites).

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Stitch Fix is still part of my life and I will post an updated fix soon.

photo 1More family updates to come so stay tuned!

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We Survive With a Schedule

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When I first had Chace, I discovered that he was happier, slept and ate better when I followed a steady routine. He would wake up around the same time everyday and we would schedule things around nap times and eating. He would take a morning nap while I would run on the treadmill. We would run errands in between his morning nap and lunchtime such as the bank, grocery store, park trips, fun outings etc. The afternoon nap was crucial because it allowed me time to get things done at home while Chace rested and recharged to play before dinner, bath and bed. 


There was a short time that I would disrupt his routine if I knew daddy was coming home. I learned quickly that this was a bad idea. He was off and it didn’t help anyone (well maybe daddy liked it).
As soon as Harper was born, she was on a schedule too and it has adapted but thankfully she is on a routine and that fits well into our day.  I get up, get ready and get the kids stuff ready for the day. By that time they are up and we go through our morning routine. I take both kids to drop off Chace at school and we spend some time there before Harper and I head off to the park. I run while Harper naps, usually 30-60 minutes. Then we head home so I can shower and get ready before we head out again for errands. It’s crucial for me to get those done with just one kid in tow! One day a week we have music class and another day we go to the library for story time.
photo (44)
At noon we pick up Chace, play at school a little and the head home for lunch. Both kids nap after lunch while I clean and get things done around the house and then we play outside, I make dinner,  feed the kids, play, bath, read books and bed.  I’m exhausted!
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photo (72)
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Chace is in swimming, soccer and music but luckily those are on weekends or only one day a week.
photo (37)
Then it’s time for me to break out a few dark chocolate covered pretzels and sit back and relax before I have to do it all over again. To some it may sound repetitive and boring but to me it’s the best job around!
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Workout Clothes Are My Life

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

Before having both of you, I always told myself that I would never change who I am and what I do. Well, that was just plain crazy talk because it is pretty much impossible to not change when you welcome someone else into your world that you love more than yourself. You change in so many ways and change for the better, I might add.

7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant

When I had Chace, my life changed so much. I stopped working full time so I stopped having to get “ready” each day.  Honestly, I still worked out every day so I showered afterwards and I always put on makeup and did my hair. While I wasn’t dressed up, I did make an effort to get dressed because we went somewhere everyday. It could have been the park, the grocery store, baby and me classes or shopping. It didn’t matter. I hardly ever wore workout gear unless I was working out. Since I had the treadmill at home, it was usually just for the hour I was running and that was it.
photo (66)
After having Harper, boy did things change. I was lucky to get to workout so the baby weight did not just fall off. I did lose some weight because my mom was gracious enough to watch the kids every morning while I went for a run. That only lasted 3 months because we moved into our new home and are too far from her now. Then Chace started school and I have 2 kids and myself to get ready before 7:45am every day. Workout gear is my wardrobe these days and it’s not just because it is comfy, it is also because I intend to workout after I drop Chace off at school. Well, that doesn’t always happen so I don’t always shower and I am rarely changing out of those workout clothes I put on in the early morning hours. I never thought I would be that mom, but I am. For the most part, I wear the workout clothes almost every day. I am not sure when I will get my next shower and frankly I don’t care. My kids come first and that is all that matters. My kids are bathed, clothed and well fed. I, on the other hand am not. HAHA!! I am okay with that.
Things have definitely changed for the better and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Dirty hair and workout clothes are my life and I love it!
I haven’t received a Stitch Fix box in awhile but luckily there is one coming soon! Can’t wait! Stay tuned to see what I get in my next fix.
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Hello Mommy Guilt

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I have been only working out sporadically these days and it’s really taking a toll on me mentally and physically. I feel my best after sweating it out, taking a short break from all the stress and my release is running. I like the way I feel afterwards and it makes me a better wife and mom.

Here we go again!

Here we go again!

While Chace is in school, I have been taking Harper in the jogging stroller and running at a beautiful park nearby. I have not been consistent and she can only handle it for so long. I stop when she is done or wakes up. On weekends I leave you both with Daddy and go for a run, but again, it hasn’t been consistent. It’s just not enough so I recently made the decision that I would go back to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym consistently since before Chace was born. Before kids I was an avid gym goer. I would take classes, run on the treadmill and use the weights.
7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant With Chace

In order for me to workout at the gym, I have to take Harper and put her in the kids club for the hour that I am there. In creeps the mommy guilt. It’s a new gym so everything is clean and nice, but that doesn’t take away all the guilt I have for leaving her there. The lady who is in the kids club is so nice and good with kids, but regardless of all of that, I still feel guilty for dropping her off there while I am working out. It’s really less than 20 feet away from me and in the same building so why do I feel so guilty? As moms we are so hard on ourselves and taking time for ourselves is hardly a priority. I’m trying not to feel guilty but that is proving to be impossible. Let’s hope this gets easier and taking this small amount of time in the gym will help us all. Fingers crossed!
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Jumping on the Juicing Bandwagon

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Today begins the first day of my 5 day juicing adventure. Uncle Dan (my brother in law) started juicing to improve his overall health and was able to lose weight, lower his cholesterol and improve other aspects of his health. After his success and raving about it, I decided I wanted to try it. Luckily I have two other people doing it with me for moral support and who will understand my moodiness and complaints because I am sure there will be a little of both.

My mission is to lose some weight and most importantly jumpstart more healthy eating. I am giving up a lot and hoping that after the initial first few days, I will not want those special treats anymore. Let’s see how this goes!

photo 2

I have 5 days of 2 meals a day as juice that consists of kale, spinach, dandelion, ginger, lemon, cucumber and a few other things. For today, I am going to have them for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy salad for dinner. I am not completely drinking liquids only like a lot of people do when they “juice”. My plan allows me to have almonds and other nuts and 1 meal a day. I am cutting out the caffeine (this isn’t that hard since I have been caffeine free for a long time), carbs and dairy.

The juice looks pretty gross but it’s surprisingly yummy. I am not turned off by the taste at all which is a good thing because that was what I was most worried about! Doesn’t make it difficult to drink the 16 oz each meal. What I am anticipating to be hard is cooking for both of you! I tend to cook and taste the food to make sure it’s the right temperature and taste. Oh well, you will have to be the taste testers this time around!

Daddy – hope you can bear with me this week and possibly beyond!

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School Started and Running Again

PicMonkey Collage Dear CIt’s been forever! I can’t believe that it is October already. Luckily, I love everything about Fall; the leaves changing, all the new flavors, special holidays an so much more. Just wish we had more Fall weather around here!

Thank you to all those who wrote and checked in on me…..I am fine, just busy! I am getting back to posting now that I have internet again. It was like I was living in the dark ages without it.

photo (42)

Chace started school and while the first day was hard, he has adjusted well and loves it. We went from him crying the first day to him asking me to leave. It’s ben quite a change but I am so glad he is socializing, learning and getting used to school. I pick him up and he is singing a new song or explaining the trials and tribulations that 3 and 4 year olds face. Who took what train and what book was read are a really big deal at this age.

I probably should have cut his hair before school began, but time got away from me. I was able to get it cut before picture day though! Thank goodness!

Chace had to be potty trained to begin school and let me tell you, I was worried there for a second, but I managed to potty train him just in time. I have been on and off trying for a long time. I will write soon about what worked and what didn’t because for any parents out there, this may be helpful. I turned to trusty google to find out some sure fire ways to potty train a boy. Luckily it worked!

Harper and I have 4 hours just the two of us, each and every morning. It’s great. I get to spend quality time with her after her morning nap. I usually drop off Chace, then head over to the park and run for as long as I can or as long as Harper will let me. She loves the BOB jogging stroller and tends to fall asleep in it. I run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day now which is so nice. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

photo (30)

I usually run to the store or do the errands that are hard to do with 2 kids in tow. Things like going to Trader Joe’s or Target are especially difficult now that Chace can voice his opinion or reach and grab things from the cart. I would much rather avoid the meltdowns when I say “No” to each and every desire while in those stores. With just Harper, I get in and out with what I need and usually a few extra things as well, much to Daddy’s dismay.

The house is coming along. I have finally unpacked mostly everything. Furniture has been ordered and will be coming next week. We have some things, but not all. I can’t wait until everything is in and we are truly settled. (Not sure that will ever happen, but a girl can hope, right!?)

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I Want to Run

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photo (45)

I have hit a wall, not the marathon wall, but a wall. I had been so good about going for my morning runs with and without both of you but something has changed and I need to get back in my regular routine. I want to get out and run again regularly!

I have used Chace as an excuse since he is not happy after 1-2 miles in the jogging stroller. That will be stopping now.! NO more excuses for me. I have been on a few solo runs but nothing regular and it really bugs me. Running allows me that “alone” time and I feel so much better about myself afterwards. I am a better mom and wife so I need to stop making excuses and get out there and run. It’s best for all!

I will get back to regular posting soon. I have so many updates….Our trip to San Francisco, fun things happening in our lives right now and many more.

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