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I can’t really take a vacation right now, but there have been a few things lately that have made me feel like I have been on a brief, but necessary vacation. I am sure other Moms and Dads can relate to these, especially anyone that is with their kids 24/7 like I am.

1. A trip to the grocery store or Target without kids. – I don’t have to rush through each aisle. I can take my time and actually get everything (and then some) that is on my list. Normally I have to hold someone half way through the shopping trip and rush to the check out line when a meltdown is about to ensue.

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2. Gym time in the actual gym – normally I am lifting weights and doing abs with a little one sitting on me, walking on me or trying to get my attention in some way.

3. Showering without an audience – usually I have 1 or 2 interruptions per shower.

4. A full night’s sleep – Harper was sleeping through the night regularly but unfortunately that changed and then Chace got sick and he didn’t sleep well either. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights lately.

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5. Come home to a clean and quiet house. Okay, so this one has not happened yet, but a girl can dream. One day, one day!


I don’e desire to spend a long period of time away from my kids, so these short bouts of alone time are like heaven! I love you both with all my heart, but even Mom needs a break every now and then.

Stay tuned for a Stitch Fix Update soon!

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Stitch Fix #3

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Well, I finally had a free moment to try on the clothes from my 3rd Stitch Fix and take pictures. I also took some of the striped dress I received in my 2nd fix and paired it with a few different things since that was what I was wearing at the time. If you are not sure what Stitch Fix is, then you can read about it here. I personally love the service and the clothes. I have yet to get a fix and not keep at least 2 things.

My 3rd “fix” came just this week and I gave a sneak peek here.

Stitch Fix #3

Stitch Fix #3

Now here are the details of everything that I received, what I kept and what I sent back.

1. Skinny White Jeans 


For this fix, I didn’t specify anything in particular but they must have known how badly I wanted a new pair of skinny white jeans for spring and summer because low and behold, I received the perfect pair. I loved them the minute I tried them on. I will have to alter them because I am short and have to alter every single pair of pants or jeans I buy. Tailoring clothes just makes them look better so I tend to do that on some staple items. This is what was recommended for the jeans.

photo(72)I definitely kept these and can’t wait to pair these jeans with a blue top, scarf and brown boots. Too bad it’s super hot over here! Guess I will be wearing it with a bright colored top and sandals.

2. Striped Multi Color Tank (See Above)

I loved this immediately as well. It was the perfect length and I loved the look and feel. I kept the tank as well. This is what is recommended for this tank.


3.  Silver Stud Earrings

These are cute and I love wearing studs right now because I am holding a baby a lot and don’t want her pulling on dangling earrings, but I did not like the price tag so I didn’t keep these.


4. Owl Print Shirt Dress with Belt

This dress is very cute. I liked the way it fit but I did not like the owl print. You can’t really see it in my terrible iPhone pictures, but it just wasn’t my style. I would love it otherwise. Also, I am a Mom and I tend to be bending over to pick up my kids, their toys and other things so I think getting a lot of dresses right now it just not for me.


5. Purple Jersey Wrap Dress

I didn’t like this as soon as I took it out of the box, but I wanted to try it on to see if maybe I was wrong about my impression of jersey wrap dresses on me. Nope, I was right. Unfortunately, they just don’t look good on my body. This one was unflattering and so it went back as well.


For this fix, I kept the skinny white jeans and the striped multi color tank. I contemplated the Owl Shirtdress but I just didn’t see myself wearing it all that much because of the owl print all over. Overall, this was another great selection for me. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me next month!

On another note, I happened to be wearing the striped dress I received in this fix, so I decided to style it a couple different ways since I didn’t in the last post. Let me know what you think! Please excuse the messy hair and guest room. I took it downstairs because that room has the best light at that time.

Striped dress with Chambray Shirt

photo(80)Striped Dress with Belt and Bracelets


This is what was recommended and I have this jean jacket, but it was just too hot today to wear it. I chose to wear it with the belt and bracelets.


I have to apologize for the poor quality photos. I am just working with my iPhone until I get a time when I can have someone else take the pictures with a better camera. This is just to get a sense of what I got and how I would wear it. Hope you liked reading and viewing my 5 items Stitch Fix sent me.

There is a waiting list so when you sign up you may have to wait a couple weeks before they get back to you on styling your first fix. If you want to sign up, I suggest you do it soon because the waiting period will just continue to get longer as time goes on. It’s convenient and you can stay within a set budget. Let me know if you try it, how you like the service, and what you receive.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Stitch Fix Preview

Dear Chace & Harper,

It arrived! My third “fix” from Stitch Fix came today and I have to admit, I was looking outside every time the dogs barked because I was sure it was the delivery of my coveted package.

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it is basically a personal stylist that you never meet but selects 5 items of clothing and/or accessories for you based on your style, size, and budget. It all is delivered straight to your door and you have 3 days to try it on with whatever you already have in your wardrobe. They even attach the cutest cards that show ideas on what to pair the item of clothing with. It gives me great ideas and I have used the suggestions on a few outfits from my previous “fixes”. You pay a $20 styling fee, but that amount is deducted from anything you purchase from your fix. Additionally, if you purchase all 5 items, you get 25% off the total.

There is a waiting list so once you sign up, you have to wait a couple weeks before they are able to style you and send out your first fix. When I started, it was a 2 week waiting period, but a friend of mine just signed up a couple weeks ago and she was told the waiting period could be 1-2 months. So if you are interested, sign up sooner rather than later.


I was lucky that Harper was napping and Chace was busy making triangles out of his toy cars. (A new obsession of his since Daddy started teaching him how to make shapes with cars and then count them.) It was the perfect time for me to open and quickly try on everything. Nothing like opening this box and seeing this:


I immediately go straight for the clothes and do not open the envelope first because I don’t want to know the prices or brands. I just want to see the clothes, try them on to see the fit and then make my decision if I like them or not. My final decision will be after I see the price, but so far the clothes are all within the set budget I gave my stylist.

Sneak peek at what I received in my 3rd “fix”.


I will be trying everything on again and taking pictures of the items paired with things I already own. Can’t wait to share more!

If you want to read about my previous fixes, they are here and here. I highly recommend this service for anyone (i.e. busy moms, working professionals, college students etc.)  who love to shop but can’t go to the stores and spend all day trying things on. I know for me, the second I get to the store and pick out things that I want to try on, one of you gets frustrated or bored and it ends up being time for us to leave. I don’t like rushing so Stitch Fix is perfect for me!

If you want to try it too, you can click here to sign up. (Full Disclosure: I get credit for the referral.)

Stay tuned for another update on the things that I kept and what I returned (if any)!



Birthday Bonanza

Dear Chace & Harper,

I had wanted to write this to you on Monday but given the events that happened at the Boston Marathon, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about such a wonderful birthday party after feeling so sad about the tragedy that occurred.


On Saturday, Aunty and Uncle Dan threw Kiley a fabulous first birthday party at their house. It was perfect for kids and adults because they thought of everything. There were cupcakes, a bouncy house and a fully motorized train for the kids and a taco cart fully equipped to make burritos, quesadillas, and tacos for the adults all of which were delicious.


I will never forget how much Chace’s face lit up when the train pulled up. It was the best thing he had ever seen. He even said “For me?” All the kids jumped on and loved it. They went around the neighborhood many times sitting quietly listening to Disney tunes and enjoying the ride. 

Riding with Kaelyn

Riding with his cousin, Kaelyn


The adults even got to ride as well! Harper fell asleep with Daddy and loved the wind and motion so we stayed on it for a couple trips.

With the birthday girl, Aunty, Mommy and Harper

With the birthday girl, Aunty, Mommy and Harper


My beautiful nieces, Jasmine and Kiley

My beautiful nieces, Jasmine and Kiley


Chace was in the bouncy house the whole afternoon and loved every minute of it!


Needless to say, Chace passed out after the party and couldn’t stop talking about it the next day. He thought the train would come back for more fun! Harper had a good time too. She slept during the train rides and then observed all the fun which tired her out again and she slept on my lap while I was talking with Aunty and her friends. A very successful and fun party! Happy Birthday, Kiley! We love you!

On another fun note: I wore my plaid Stitch Fix shirt and got lots of compliments on it. I think I even managed to convince a friend to sign up. She would love it! I can’t wait to get my April fix!





Honest Review

Dear Chace & Harper,

It’s no secret that I want the best for both of you (what mom doesn’t?) and that includes products that you use. I recently was concerned with the lotions and diaper rash cream that I had been using and decided to do some research. I found out that a lot of what those products had in them was not necessarily things I would want to put on your bodies.


My research led me to The Honest Company. This is a company which prides itself on all natural & non-toxic ingredients in all their products. I was still a little skeptical that the products would work well, so I decided to order a few things to test out and see how we liked them. I purchased them with my own money and was not paid for this review. It is strictly my own opinion.

Here is what I ordered:


1. Shampoo & Body Wash

2. Body Lotion

3. Healing Balm (good for diaper rash and sensitive skin)


4. Wipes

5. Diapers (love the designs to choose from)

Let me tell you, I loved all the products. So far they have met and exceeded my expectations! I love knowing that what I am using is not harmful to you and it still works well!

All the products were ones that I would buy again. I wish they had travel sizes for lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, soap and healing balm so that I could take them easily in the diaper bag without it weighing me down when we are on the go or traveling. But otherwise I love everything and will be ordering more very soon. I am even going to sign up for the diaper and wipes monthly bundle because it saves money and I don’t have to worry about not having diapers or wipes on hand.

On another note, I loved the packaging. It was so nicely put together and even had great material inside to explain why the company was founded and what they are doing to give back. I would recommend these products to anyone that has a new baby or toddler at home. I may even add some of these products to gifts that I give at baby showers. It would be a nice way to introduce moms to these great products.

I love you both and want the best for you including products that I use on you both. Luckily there are companies like the Honest Company who feel the same way.



Stitch Fix #2

Dear Chace & Harper,

photo (1)

As you know, I love to shop but since it is next to impossible to go to my favorite stores and malls with both of you in tow, I have found the next best thing! Stitch Fix is a personal stylist that is all done online and the 5 items that are hand selected for me are sent to my door every month. I love it! I have a personal stylist that knows what I like and my size and budget preferences.


This fix was perfect and I loved everything! I ended up keeping all 5 items and so excited to wear each one soon!

1. Silk Scarf – Perfect for spring. I love the colors and the fabric and most of all, I love scarves. I usually wear them when I go out because they are so versatile. They can cover up spills or just dress up a basic tee.


2. Aqua Tank – I love the style and color, but was worried it was too big. After pairing it with a Off-white blazer and jeans, it fit perfect.


3. Blue Maxi Dress – I specifically requested a maxi dress when I scheduled this fix and they definitely came through. Only problem was that it looked too big, but after I tried it on, it fit well.  I like how it was one color and something simple added to it would make this outfit really standout.


4. Striped Tie Dress – At first I didn’t think I would like this dress because usually dresses are tight in the middle or are too short. This one was neither and looked cute with a denim jacket and cute heels or flats. Loved it!


5. Plaid Button Up Shirt – This was a great length and fit. I love the colors because they are perfect for spring and summer. This was a must keep!


I love that they include a tag that shows examples of how to wear the item with staples that you have in your current wardrobe. It definitely helps me put together different outfits with just one item. If I were to keep the 5 items, I would get a 25% discount, and luckily, I was able to take advantage of that this time. It was all fairly affordable and within my budget which is wonderful. I love that I have new items to wear especially with a birthday party to go to this weekend. I don’t have to rush out and shop for something new. With two kids, going to the store and trying things on is just too hard and stressful on my own so this is the perfect solution for me. I have even converted my Mom and sister to be Stitch Fix clients too!



Stitch Fix #1

Dear Chace & Harper,

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Before becoming your mom, I always thought to myself I would never go a day without having my hair done, makeup on and dressed well. Clearly I was delusional because that is basically impossible and I am so happy to say that I am not upset about it one bit. My thinking has evolved. While I definitely put on makeup and dress casually but put together to go out of the house, I am certainly not opposed to wearing workout clothes or yoga pants and going makeup free all day. Now that I am a mom, I shop much less for myself and tend to spend more time on buying you clothes and shoes because you tend to grow out of things quickly and with seasons changing, new clothes are always needed. (Luckily, Aunty has passed down all of Kiley and Kaelyn’s clothes so Harper is the best dressed little girl I know).

Since I don’t shop for myself as often as I would like, I took advantage of a great company called Stitch Fix. They send me clothes based on my size, style and price preference. For example, I don’t need work clothes since I stay at home with you, so I asked my stylist for casual clothes whereas someone else might need office attire, so they could request that in their fix. After waiting a few weeks, I finally received my first “fix”. I received 5 items and if I choose to keep all 5 they discount the price by 25%. Otherwise, I can keep any number of items and then pay for them based on their price tag. It’s that simple. Someone buys the clothes for me and then it appears at my door with examples of how to wear each piece and accessorize each outfit. I love it! It’s like having my own personal stylist without the hefty price tag. I paid $20 to start the first fix and that $20 is deducted from the amount of anything I purchase.

Now on to the goods! As I said, I received 5 items:

1. A burgandy infinity scarf

2. A colorblock 3/4 sleeve cardigan

3. A black jersey knit top

4. A blue polka dot blouse

5. A white sleeveless knit sweater

I wish I would have taken pictures of them on, but I was so excited, I forgot and packed up the items to return in the pre-paid packaging before snapping them.

I loved everything they sent, and couldn’t wait to try it all on. After having a mini fashion show for Harper (Chace, you were napping), I decided to keep the cardigan and contemplated keeping the blouse too but just couldn’t justify the price this time. While I loved everything, they did not all fit well and the scarf was pretty but I already have a similar one so I didn’t need to keep this one.

Checking out was so easy. Just logged in online and filled out a few details about the things I sent back and the cardigan I kept. I even set up my next fix. I specified some things I was looking for to add to my spring wardrobe, so hopefully they will be able to put some great pieces together for me. Looking forward to my next fix!