Vacation for Mom

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I can’t really take a vacation right now, but there have been a few things lately that have made me feel like I have been on a brief, but necessary vacation. I am sure other Moms and Dads can relate to these, especially anyone that is with their kids 24/7 like I am.

1. A trip to the grocery store or Target without kids. – I don’t have to rush through each aisle. I can take my time and actually get everything (and then some) that is on my list. Normally I have to hold someone half way through the shopping trip and rush to the check out line when a meltdown is about to ensue.

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2. Gym time in the actual gym – normally I am lifting weights and doing abs with a little one sitting on me, walking on me or trying to get my attention in some way.

3. Showering without an audience – usually I have 1 or 2 interruptions per shower.

4. A full night’s sleep – Harper was sleeping through the night regularly but unfortunately that changed and then Chace got sick and he didn’t sleep well either. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights lately.

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5. Come home to a clean and quiet house. Okay, so this one has not happened yet, but a girl can dream. One day, one day!


I don’e desire to spend a long period of time away from my kids, so these short bouts of alone time are like heaven! I love you both with all my heart, but even Mom needs a break every now and then.

Stay tuned for a Stitch Fix Update soon!

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What Is It About Pajamas?

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I have no idea if this is common or only with you, Chace, but you have an obsession with your pajamas. When you come home from school (around lunchtime), you immediately want to change into pajamas. Furthermore, when you wake up in the morning, you do not have any desire to put on clothes for school. You would much rather leave the house in your pajamas. I am lucky if we get through the day with you wearing just one pajama set. Usually it is 2-3 changes throughout the day and hardly ever do they match. What is it about pajamas? I know they are comfortable, but really so are your clothes. Let’s just hope this is a phase! I guess I can’t complain too much as I’m sure it could be worse. Chace could want to be naked all the time and that would make leaving the house very difficult. I have definitely left the house with him in his pajamas to run errands. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Life of a MOM!

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Preparing for A Vacation With 2 Kids

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Our last plane ride to Chicago

Our last plane ride to Chicago

We are leaving for a vacation/business trip soon and it will be Harper’s first plane ride, so I headed to the county recorder’s office to pick up her birth certificate. I am not sure why I wait until the last minute for these things, but I do. Not a good habit and I recommend that you do not follow in my footsteps and procrastinate doing the tedious things at the last minute. It’s not fun.

I took Momo with me because I had no idea how long the lines will be or what the waiting room will be like. She loves to go on these little adventures with us.

Luckily, the location was easy to find and the waiting room was large and had enough seats so that we could park the stroller (Harper was sleeping) and all sit together. I filled out the form beforehand (I highly recommend doing this) so that I could keep Chace occupied while we were waiting. It was about a 10 minute wait which is so much less than I had expected. We were in and out of the building very quickly and surprisingly, Harper was asleep the whole time.

Since it was just about time to eat, we headed to Panera for lunch. Yum! I love the soup and so does Chace, so we shared.

After lunch we made another stop to pick up essentials for our flight and vacation. Not a bad day out, and made for a tired Mom. It would have been perfect if you both napped but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead, we had a relaxing afternoon before we had guests for dinner.

Now I just have to pack! It will be my first time flying with two kids. Wish me luck!

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Busy Busy Bees

PicMonkey Collage Dear CIt has been some time since I last posted and I apologize. I have been trying to stay consistent but some things have gotten pushed back because I am taking on more things. A lot has been going on and I am trying to juggle so many different things right now.

Chace’s 3rd Birthday was a success. He had a fabulous day and loved every minute of it. He spent it with the people he loves and that is what matters!

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A couple days later, we celebrated Kaelyn’s (his cousin) 4th birthday at LegoLand. It was my first time there and it was so much fun. The park was less crowded than other amusement parks which was nice. The weather was beautiful but still hot and the lines were not that long. Chace had so much fun and Harper got to go on a few rides as well. We had great company and the kids had a fantastic time. We didn’t go to the water park this trip, but will some day.

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photo (6)We have been keeping busy around the house and outside as well. It’s all about beating the heat. We get outside early morning and late evening, just enough time to get in some fun play and get the things done that we need to do.

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Running has been put on the back burner for me and that is not okay. I need to get back out there and run. It keeps me sane!

I have to get back to planning. We are heading to San Francisco in August for vacation and work. Then, in October a trip to Las Vegas for my best friend’s wedding. I am the maid of honor so I have a lot to plan — bachelorette party, bridal shower and keeping you both busy while I am away. This is all making my life extremely busy. Have to get back to work! More updates coming soon…..

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Good Nights

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He never sleeps without his blanket.

He never sleeps without his Little Giraffe blanket.

Every night before Chace goes to bed we brush our teeth, read books, tell a story, revisit some things important I like to remind him about (no hitting or pushing, being polite, saying please and thank you, potty time etc.) and the last thing we do before I leave the room is say his “good nights”. He basically goes through a list of people and says good night to them. The usual suspects include Mommy, Daddy, Harper, Kaelyn (cousin), Kiley (cousin), Jasmine (cousin), Aunty Shirani, Uncle Dan, Momo and Poppy.

Every so often we get someone new added randomly to the list Chace rattles off in bed. Like last night it was Tera, my niece Jasmine’s best friend. The night before it was my sister’s 3 dogs. I guess that is a very good example of us spending a lot of time over at her house that day. He is scared of the dogs even though they wouldn’t harm a fly. He still managed to say good night to them. You never know who Chace will include and it always makes me smile. I love the inner workings of an almost 3 year old’s mind.

So adorable!

So adorable!

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Potty Training has Begun

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Sorry I have been posting less lately, but there is a very good reason for that. Potty training has begun for Chace. I had tried it once before but it was not the right time. He just wasn’t ready so I left it alone and moved on. Recently I noticed him having an interest, staying dry at nap time and so I bit the bullet and started the potty training. Let’s be honest here. I was nervous, very nervous. I am not a fan of messes and diapers are so easy, but so expensive. I just realized that I have to deal. You will make messes. I will clean them up and we will move on. I know that you will get it eventually.

We started out wearing just a shirt and Honest training pants. I would ask Chace throughout the day if he had to go and sometimes he would need to and sometimes he would be so distracted, he would have already gone. No big deal. Accidents happened and I was okay with that. I was just reassurring and it seemed to help. He wasn’t scared of the potty anymore (which is what happened after the first attempt awhile ago). I was giving him such praise every time he went that he loved it. I didn’t need to offer a reward after the first day. He just would run to the potty or I would notice he was ready to go.

What Has Worked So Far:

1. Chace picked out his potty. I got this one from Amazon and he picked the color.


(I just can’t bring myself to take pictures and post them of my kid on the potty! Those will never be seen here.)

2. Lots & Lots & Lots of praise. After the first time, he looked to my facial expression for the rest of the day and loved seeing me light up and give him lots of praise.

3. Just underwear the first day. I tried the plastic ones, but Chace hated them, so I went with the actual underwear and that worked better.

4.. Training Pants are easy to get on and off and if there is an accident, no big deal.

5. Staying home all day for the first 2 days. Then short trips out of the house.

6. Frequently asking if he has to go potty. The reminder was key for the first 2 days, then he would tell me (most of the time).

While we haven’t tried the potty outside of the house or during naps yet, we will eventually get that too. I am so excited he is staying dry at home. It’s the best feeling in the world right now. I know every child is different so what works for me might not work for others. Just have to go with the flow!

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Too Hot

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It’s just too hot to do anything! The outside temperature is over 100 and so that means we are stuck inside all day. It is way too hot to be outside even to play in the water so we are having a rough day. Usually we spend a good part of the day outside playing in the backyard, at the park or on a walk.

So we are doing this.

So we are doing this.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that. I ran all of my errands yesterday so that we would be inside nice and air conditioned stores, so today we are home and it’s not looking pretty. Chace is out of sorts and running all over getting into things. Just goes to show you that we need to get out of the house each and every day at least once. It also helps me out. I get ready and feel so much better if I am not lazy at home. Also, with this high heat, I cannot run outside because I can’t get both of you up and ready early enough. Sad. Luckily, the temps are supposed to drop towards the end of the week. Otherwise we may just go crazy staying inside the air conditioned house.

And doing this....

And doing this….

Hoping for cooler weather so we can play outside and get back to regularly scheduled activities. And just maybe Chace will return to himself!

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