It Has Been Awhile

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

Life has gotten pretty busy and the one thing that I let slip was these letters to both of you, highlighting our memories and random daily activities. We’ve been busy these past few months to say the least.

Chace started Pre-kindergarten and is loving it. Most of the class has returned so he is settling back in just fine.

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After summer school ended, we took a nice road trip to San Francisco and then Lake Tahoe and while I was nervous that you two would hate the long hours spent in the car, you actually both did really well. We managed just fine and had a fantastic time in both places.




We hiked, climbed rocks, played mini golf, skipped rocks at the lake and overall had a blast as a family.



Harper has been busy while Chace is at school. She is counting to 5, drawing every moment she possibly can and is basically running my day. She is going through the terrible two’s at the moment and that makes it hard to get the things done that I want to do. Previously I would workout after dropping Chace off at school and then go and run errands. Well, after a few too many tantrums in Trader Joe’s and at the bank, I realized that she does better when I run errands first, and then workout. It all has been an adjustment. She is down to just one nap a day and while I would love for her to sleep until she wakes up, some days we have to go and get Chace from school so her nap is sadly interrupted. Luckily, she has been a good sport about it. She knows that going to get Chace at school means more play time with the big kids on the playground.

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It’s fall and one of my favorite times of year. Pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes, apple picking, butter pecan lattes from Coffee Bean, scarf and boot season(yes, even in California I wear these fall favorites).

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Stitch Fix is still part of my life and I will post an updated fix soon.

photo 1More family updates to come so stay tuned!

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