Halloween and Apple Picking

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

We had a very eventful Halloween this year. For the past 4 years, we have ventured down to my sister’s house for trick or treating and family time. It has become somewhat of a tradition and so this year we decided to leave after school and make it down there to have dinner and get ready for trick or treating. Normally the drive takes about 1 hour, but since it was a Friday and Halloween the drive took us almost 3 hours. Luckily the kids napped for part of the trip but it was brutal, to say the least. Once we got down there, the trick or treating had already begun so there wasn’t time for dinner (not that anyone was hungry).

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We got ready (Chace was Darth Vader and Harper was Minnie Mouse) and headed out. Fun times, lots of candy and more memories were created. Each year my brother-in-law decorates his house and has scary movies playing on a projector with many scary decorations throughout their front yard. It is quite a scene and people come from all over to view it. Needless to say, Chace is not a fan. It really isn’t tailored to the under 12 crowd so we quickly move past the decor and head inside to eat dinner, play and have some quality time with my sister and her girls.

Fall means fun activities like apple picking so we gathered everyone at my parent’s house and headed about one hour away for fun on the apple farm.

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We picked apples, sipped cider, ate apple pie, played games, had a simple lunch and enjoyed some family bonding time. We used to do this yearly as a kid and my sister and I are trying to bring back the tradition. We will do it again next year!

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Halloween Traditions and Haunted Places

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

Halloween was not really a favorite holiday of mine before I had kids. Now I love it! Chace gets so excited about the thought of dressing up and he is constantly asking if he can trick or treat. His first Halloween he was a monkey and second year he was Yoda.

My Little Monkey

My Little Monkey




Last year he was Tow Mater from his favorite movie Cars and this year he picked out his own costume, so I will wait for the big day to reveal what he will be.


Tow Mater

For the past three years we have gone to my sister’s house for Halloween and trick or treating so that has become our family tradition. We have taken a picture each year in her front yard which has become so much fun to look back on.

My brother in law goes all out on Halloween. He takes the day off work and spends it setting up a haunted house, smoke machines, scary music and videos, creating scary faces just like the haunted mansion at Disneyland and decorating his house with all things creepy. The little kids are too scared to come to the door half of the time so my sister sits on her driveway handing out candy until the big high school kids come out. Daddy and Uncle Dan get dressed up and totally freak out the big kids. They get such a kick out of it! I want nothing to do with it since I am a self proclaimed wuss. Haunted houses, hotels and mazes are popular destinations at this time of year but I steer clear of them without a doubt.

That's Daddy!

That’s Daddy!

Uncle Dan and Daddy with Kaelyn (batgirl), Kiley (Ladybug) & Chace (Tow Mater)

Uncle Dan and Daddy with Kaelyn (batgirl), Kiley (Ladybug) & Chace (Tow Mater)

Anyone interested in haunted places? Here are the Top 5 Haunted US Hotels that you can check out or plan your next vacation around.
The first one holds a special place in my heart because that is where daddy proposed to me almost 6 years ago. Luckily we didn’t run into any ghosts or anything scary. It’s a fabulous hotel and I’m glad I didn’t know it was haunted!
Do you have any halloween traditions? Anybody like all things haunted, spooky and scary?
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What A Difference A Year Makes

Dear Chace,
This Halloween was so much different than last year. Last year I was able to pick out your costume and hope and prayed that you loved it enough to wear it through at least the pictures. I was lucky enough to get a few good ones. Unfortunately, you hated the hat so after a short while, the cute yoda hat was removed.

This year you picked out your own costume, which I still am trying to understand. (Tow Mater from Cars with muscles?????)

Last year we went trick or treating but didn’t get any candy. I carried you around and watched Kaelyn fill her bucket.

This year you and Kaelyn walked up to the door and said “trick or treat” all on your own. You even wanted to go inside everyone’s home. You said “Thank you” and were so excited to see your pumpkin fill with candy. I loved seeing your face light up at seeing all the other kids walking around in costumes too.

The biggest change was watching you in Daddy’s arms when he was in his scary costume. Each year, Uncle Dan and Daddy dress up to scare the big kids that come by trick or treating. Uncle Dan decorates the front yard and even project scary movies on the garage door. It’s quite a production and last year you were terrified in Daddy’s arms as long as he was wearing the scary mask.

This year it took you a while to realize it was Daddy. Once you did, you were perfectly content with the scary monster.

How I love watching you grow up! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us.

Happy Halloween!