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I have been only working out sporadically these days and it’s really taking a toll on me mentally and physically. I feel my best after sweating it out, taking a short break from all the stress and my release is running. I like the way I feel afterwards and it makes me a better wife and mom.

Here we go again!

Here we go again!

While Chace is in school, I have been taking Harper in the jogging stroller and running at a beautiful park nearby. I have not been consistent and she can only handle it for so long. I stop when she is done or wakes up. On weekends I leave you both with Daddy and go for a run, but again, it hasn’t been consistent. It’s just not enough so I recently made the decision that I would go back to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym consistently since before Chace was born. Before kids I was an avid gym goer. I would take classes, run on the treadmill and use the weights.
7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant With Chace

In order for me to workout at the gym, I have to take Harper and put her in the kids club for the hour that I am there. In creeps¬†the mommy guilt. It’s a new gym so everything is clean and nice, but that doesn’t take away all the guilt I have for leaving her there. The lady who is in the kids club is so nice and good with kids, but regardless of all of that, I still feel guilty for dropping her off there while I am working out. It’s really¬†less than 20 feet away from me and in the same building so why do I feel so guilty? As moms we are so hard on ourselves and taking time for ourselves is hardly a priority. I’m trying not to feel guilty but that is proving to be impossible. Let’s hope this gets easier and taking this small amount of time in the gym will help us all. Fingers crossed!
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