Running Holiday

PicMonkey Collage Dear CIt’s not what you think. I am not taking a break from running, but just the opposite. It’s actually National Running Day and I decided that we would have a little family fun run. Well, just Chace and I. Harper would come along for the ride of course. Chace gets very excited when I start to get ready in my workout clothes, which is practically everyday. He always asks if we are going for a run and some days we are and some days we are not. That is just how it goes in our house. I love wearing workout clothes even when I am not working out. Anyways, today he asked and I said yes and quickly got him ready too. He’s a toddler afterall. His attention span is not that long and he can quickly get disinterested so I had to take advantage of his excitement about our impending run.

There he goes!

There he goes!

I strapped Harper into her infant seat in the BOB and watched as Chace was expecting his turn next. Well, that never happened and we headed out the door and as I started running, he paused for a second before he realized that I meant that he was running with me. He was so excited! His little legs worked hard to catch up and then it was an all out sprint for him. It was fun to see him turn back to make sure I was still running and I would speed up a bit to catch up. It was a perfect time to run because it was still cool out and not many people leaving for work or on the road. The sidewalks were empty and all for Chace.

Headed straight to the park

Headed straight to the park

We didn’t go far, but we did make it to the park with a few stops here and there. I was so proud of him and he was so happy. I think it tired him out and we ended up having a relaxing day playing with cars at the park. Normally, Chace runs all over the grass, plays frisbee or slides down the slide over and over. Today, the toy cars slid down the slide instead of Chace. I positioned myself at the bottom and Chace was at the top. He would let them go and after they flew off the slide I would run them back to him so we could do this over and over again. A fun little game that lasted a good 15 minutes.

Normally what he does at the park

Normally what he does at the park

In honor of National Running Day, besides just running, we are also signing up for a race. I am looking for one that I can run and then hopefully Chace can take part in a kids run too. I’ll keep you posted on what we decide! While I didn’t run that far today, it was important to just get out and run, enjoy my running partner, and have a good time.

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Family Run

PicMonkey Collage Dear C


We finally had a nice relaxing weekend at home. We went on a nice 4.5 mile run around the neighborhood and stopped at the park on Saturday morning. Then Daddy had to go to an event so we played outside with your cousins, relaxed on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having lately.








It’s been a long time since we have all been on a run together and it was nice. So nice for me to not have to push the BOB jogging stroller with both of you in it. That is a workout in itself, but I love it. I can’t deny that I love to be outside running and if you two come with me, then that is just an added bonus. Plus, it’s an additional workout when I have to push the extra weight. It definitely is a whole different run without it. Daddy pushed most of the time, but when Chace wanted to get out and run with us, then I pushed Harper while Daddy and Chace ran together on the sidewalk.

It absolutely warms my heart to hear Chace say he wants to run with us. We even got him the same shoes as Daddy and he thinks it’s pretty cool. As your mom, I you both to grow up seeing that Daddy and I like to stay active and lead healthy lives. If we do fun activities as family, then it is just part of our every day life. I won’t want to push things on you two either, but I would love a little running buddy. Just saying!

Stopped at the park as usual.

Harper & Mommy at the park


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Running To The Park

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It was raining when we got up, so I postponed my morning run until the rain had stopped. By the time we were ready to head out, it was an absolutely beautiful day. I bundled you both up in the jogging stroller and we headed out for a 3 mile run. I wanted to run 5 miles, but knew that with the late start and the cold air, it might not be possible. Plus, I would have to loop around near the park, and if Chace sees that, then the run is practically over. I was just happy to be outside and running so anything is better than nothing!

I haven’t been keeping a good pace lately so I wanted to work on that. I was constantly monitoring myself to stay consistent and I’m happy with the results and finished the 3.3 miles strongly. Of course we made the customary stop at the park and while Chace was playing, Harper slept and I did lunges and squats.

photo (19)

The hair has got to go! Tomorrow we have a haircut planned for Chace, but in the meantime, we had a good day at the park and Mommy got in her much needed run.

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After I showered and changed, we headed out so that I could get Harper’s ears pierced. I know a lot of people don’t understand why I do it so early, but all the girls in my family get their ears pierced from 3-5 months of age. It’s quick and painless and then I can be the one that cleans it and make sure it does not get infected. When they get older, that is hard to do. She was so good and sat still the whole time. Just cried a tiny bit after each earring was inserted. She looks so cute!

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Compassion & Running

Dear Chace & Harper,


On our run (well, my run and you both got to relax in the jogging stroller) this morning, we took our normal route avoiding the park until the last stretch of my 4 miles. As we took the final turn leading us to our normal stop, off in the distance there was a little boy riding his bike. He was not accompanied by an adult but that isn’t unusual given his age and the community park is near plenty of home, one of which he probably lives in. Chace immediately got excited and wanted out of the stroller. He tends to like playing at the park with the neighborhood kids and is often following around some of them when they are climbing the ladders or sliding down the slide. I am often amazed at how friendly he is right away, but I digress. The little boy took a nasty tumble and Chace immediately ran over to him. I followed behind with the stroller and ¬†we both helped the little boy up and made sure he was okay. I think more than anything he was embarrassed but grateful to have Chace help him rather than laugh at him. It was a nice moment as a mother to witness.

This incident reminded me of an article I read a couple months ago and immediately emailed to Daddy. I remember it so well because the subject of the email was “I Hope Chace Grows Up to Be Like This Boy”. ¬†Basically a high school football player took it upon himself to help out a special-needs student that was being bullied. This article was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. Carson Jones’ mother must be so proud because she raised her son to be a very caring and compassionate human being. I hope one day that I can look at both of you and know I raised you right. I want you both to be like Carson Jones, compassionate human beings that not only take care of each other, but other people too. It can changes someone else’s life for the better. While I know we didn’t drastically change this little boy’s life, I do know that we brought a little bit of comfort to him during a scary moment. Even if it was just one moment, it matters.

You never know what you will come across while running. Today I am grateful that we were able to be there to help a little boy out. While he would have made it home on his own just fine, it was nice to see that Chace has a big heart and wanted to make sure someone else was okay and didn’t have an “booboo”. A successful 4 mile run for me and more importantly, my heart melted seeing how kind Chace can be.

I love you!