We Survive With a Schedule

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When I first had Chace, I discovered that he was happier, slept and ate better when I followed a steady routine. He would wake up around the same time everyday and we would schedule things around nap times and eating. He would take a morning nap while I would run on the treadmill. We would run errands in between his morning nap and lunchtime such as the bank, grocery store, park trips, fun outings etc. The afternoon nap was crucial because it allowed me time to get things done at home while Chace rested and recharged to play before dinner, bath and bed. 


There was a short time that I would disrupt his routine if I knew daddy was coming home. I learned quickly that this was a bad idea. He was off and it didn’t help anyone (well maybe daddy liked it).
As soon as Harper was born, she was on a schedule too and it has adapted but thankfully she is on a routine and that fits well into our day.  I get up, get ready and get the kids stuff ready for the day. By that time they are up and we go through our morning routine. I take both kids to drop off Chace at school and we spend some time there before Harper and I head off to the park. I run while Harper naps, usually 30-60 minutes. Then we head home so I can shower and get ready before we head out again for errands. It’s crucial for me to get those done with just one kid in tow! One day a week we have music class and another day we go to the library for story time.
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At noon we pick up Chace, play at school a little and the head home for lunch. Both kids nap after lunch while I clean and get things done around the house and then we play outside, I make dinner,  feed the kids, play, bath, read books and bed.  I’m exhausted!
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Chace is in swimming, soccer and music but luckily those are on weekends or only one day a week.
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Then it’s time for me to break out a few dark chocolate covered pretzels and sit back and relax before I have to do it all over again. To some it may sound repetitive and boring but to me it’s the best job around!
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